2024 Qualifiers 24h and NLS 3+4

NLS 3 and 4, or 24h Qualifiers, or simply put Halftime.
4 x 4 hour Races within 8 days are just insanity caused by the Schedule problems at the Nürburgring. Men, Women and Machines that took part in this glorious Season's Start probably all suffer on this Monday.
With the Race #3 ending at 21:30, Parc fermé opening shortly after, the Mechanics spend their Saturday night preparing the Cars for the #4 Race. True Legends ! 3 am, 4 am for most.
At least the photographers had finished around midnight/1 am so we were somewhat fresh for the Sunday event.
Porsche was on fire, the Falken tyres were unbeatable this Weekend. In a time where seemingly every Racing Series has a Single Brand of black Gold, the NLS /24h has them all..competing in various classes.
For a Fan it makes it so much more interesting as the complexity adds to the Excitement.
Here are some of my Impression of the Weekend, with lots of happy People in the Paddock, Pitlane and all around the Eifel Rollercoaster.

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