VLN4 2020

Addicted to Racing ! I just feel happy and complete when on a Racetrack with likeminded people. No Matter what the Weather can throw at us, being outside, camera in Hand and Cars within reach it is all fine.

The Eifel had brought the whole Shabang, Temperatures around 32°C on Friday, Thunderstorms and heavy Rain on Saturday morning.. followed by a Turkish Bath Steaming Session when the Summersun hit the wet Forest.

With the F1, DTM and GT Masters at the same time some Drivers that were supposed to be here had to fly away or their usual Cars were not on the Grid. This didn't stop the SP9 to provide insane Front running entertainement, up to the last pitstop there were so many Teams in contention with the better end for the BMW's of ROWE and Walkenhorst. But also the regular Cup classes and the new Big VT2 had head to head racing all day.

the NLS ( Nordschleifen Langstrecken Serie) is simply the Best Multiclass format in the World but of course it requires some more knowledge about the classes. Then it is a Race within a Race within a Race, clutch decisions, important manoevres left and right, just bliss .. and as i said initially I am 100% addicted to it.

Here are some Impressions and in 4 Weeks the 6 hours will provide even more Racing.. i can't wait.

Otto-Brenner-Str. 56
52353 Düren


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