Total 24 hours of Spa 2017

24 Hours Races are Brutal. This years edition of the Total 24 Hours of Spa did prove this again.

Over the the Weekend 2 Cars stood out, the Akka #90 and the Kaspersky #55. After having driven the Superpole the Kaspersky Ferrari led the Race in a fierce sprint away from the pack until it crashed. The Akka AMG was then taking over... after they clocked the Best times in thursdays qualifying it was no surprise. But just in the last pitstop.. the little changes in timing and stops made it that the #90 came in and had to wait what seemed ages to get to 15:25..

Why ?  Because you have a maximum Stint time of 65 minutes, so they had to wait in the Pit until then or it would have meant another Pitstop.

And that's where the close contenders took over. The Saint'Eloc Audi #25 and the #8 Bentley were always close and passed the Mortara, Marciello, Meadows Car. There was simply nothing the Mercedes Guys could do.

If you look at the finishers of the 66 Cars that initially joined you will see that about 50% only made it through, the same as Black Falcon. Of the 4 Cars that entered under the Guidance of Sean Paul Breslin, 2 made it to the end. The #4 was always close to the Podium and if that dreaded Safety Car phase 3 hours to the end hadn't stopped them, they could have fought over the 3rd or 4th place. But of course the Team was among those who could cheer the loudest as the #16 Car did a flawless job to get the Pro-Am Victory over the antiquated but extremeley powerful Aston Martin from Oman Racing.  Overall 10th is an awesome Result, even when you have the likes of Maxi Götz and Marvin Kirchhöver participating. Remember the AM's work during the week for their living.

So yeah perfect example of the 24 hours.. Joy and deception, close as ever.

The most beautiful Car this Year also made it on the Podium.. in the AM category. The Walkenhorst M6 in the Total Livery was a stunning beauty and I see it in my Galerie.. sometimes when i saw it coming i had to forget the other Cars and immortalize the BMW.

I hope you enjoy the Gallery of my Impressions.



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