24Heures du Mans 2017

This Years edition of the 24hours of Le Mans will forever stay in the History Books for one of the weirdest developments during the Race. While I was at the Ring for the 90th anniversary of the Nürburgring we had Matthias Störch in France to capture the images of the 85th edition of the Race in the Sarthe departement.


I relied on the App which proved to be the best way to keep updated. Although the service was DDOSed during the night the FIW WEC IT crew managed to get the Service running again. And luckily so as i stayed glued to the screen of my Iphone 7 for most of the night. What a chaotic night, how unfortunate for Toyota and the loss of the number 9 and 7 car. The story with the Driver in the Orange Overall and the Mistake by Kobayashi will certainly result in no more Orange suits for Mechanics and drivers.. and a sturdier Clutch for the LMP1's.  I wonder how strong the Porsche Clutch would have been in the same scenario.


Weight is everything for the engineers and this was certainly an eventuality they didn't see coming. On the one hand i am happy that now the LMP1's will stay at least for another year.. on the other hand i am super impressed by the strong display of the LMP2's. If Porsche didn't fight like a Pitbull that had its hind legs broken to try and come back for "points" then I would have been more than happy for the Jackie Chan DC Racing team to equip these highly sought after Rolexes. But the fight back on Top by the number2 Car is proof that Porsche deserve this win. coming from second to last place with virtually no chance of winning to this victory must have been sweet. .. and i know i have some good friends working within the LMP1 Project..


Who what and when someone came up with the definitive Calculation that the win was again within grasp. That must have been a spine-tingling moment. This edition of the 24 heures was special aslo because people now actually know the names of the LMP2 Teams and drivers. This is the future of the endurance races of the WEC I am sure.. LMP1 has had it's run, open the way for the LMP2's   and of course the GTe classes.. because the best Racing was again delivered by the GTE Pro. What a Nailbiter!


  But even with Aston winning ultimately, the Car needed a lot of Waivers to compete with its outdated technology against the newest technology from the Corvettes, Fords and Porsches. This needs fixing too.  Merci Le Mans pour une course extraordinaire et a l'année prochaine!  Next year I shall be there myself. :)


©Pictures by Mathias Störch for chequeredflag.de

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