VLN1 2018, Back in the Eifel

The Season has started ! Finally back at the Nürburgring for the VLN 1 Race.
With much appreciation the Weather Gods were with the VLN organisation. After a chilly and windy week prior to the Seaon Starter and a grey Friday Session we had a glorious Saturday with Sunshine and Temperatures in the + °C region.
The SP9 Class was filled to the Brim with 19 starters as usual, as the GT3 Teams use these Races to test for the 24 hours of the Nürburgring in Mai.
All new this year was a tightly packed H2 class too where you can find the Renaul Clio Cup cars now.
While the Start was delayed to a relatively foggy morning once the Grid was released the Hunt was on and 1 of the 2 Grello Porsches sprinted away in front. A position he wouldn't leave until the end. A good display for the Strenght of the Manthey Car, especially if there are already talks about the Sandbagging of all teams.
But when you see that Manuel Metzger managed to be 2nd overall in the #whiterocket SP7 car when he gave his "normal" Porsche over to Aurel Schoeller.. you know there is some truth to the Sandbagging rumors.
All the Major constructors were in contention but Manthey was able to hold the Lead and win the overall Race and due to the 19 Startes actually leading the VLN championship, which is usually won by one of the other classes. And as Manthey competes all year when the major other Brands are chickening out after the 24 hours.. maybe we can have a SP9 class VLN champion in 2018 ? Who knows.
The future for me is in the Gt4 classes SP10 championship. With Phoenix, Sorg Rennsport and Black Falcon you have some top Teams competing in it. With Audi, BMW and Mercedes you have some serious Constructors and hopefully there will be more People enthralled by the super fast yet financially more interesting GT4's. My old Team Black Falcon managed to get a P1 and P3 this weekend which shows that they are on top of their game, yet again .
In 2 Weeks for VLN 2 i could have the same weather for yet more Pictures but here is a excerpt of my works :




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