Marseille BB

the FIA Motorsport Games in Marseille 2022.


After being postponed the Motorsport Games came back in full force after 2019.

This time with 16 disciplines, ranging from E-Sports to GT Sprint.

What an event, the opening Ceremony in the Harbour of Marseille already showed the sheer Mass of People, so many countries, so many Drivers.. it was excellent.

The SRO Media Team was again in Charge of  following all Categories and providing the imagery... with double the Events from 2019, not an easy Task.. but we gave it our absolute Best.. being the first in the Press room in the Mornings to being the last ones in the Evening.

The Races, being virtual or Real, were packed and hard fought, the olympic Spirit was always Present and lots of laughter among competitors throughout the whole Week.

For some Drivers it was the first time they left their home country, travelling the Globe to be here in Southern France.. especially among the e-sports, junior karting, Karting Slalom where a lot of the Teenage Participants were found.

As it was already the Case in 2019 , the Fact they get Medals instead of Trophies changed the whole Vibe, yes they were competitors within a Racing Team, but the Pride that they represented their Country was palpable throughout every Podium ceremony.

I had never shot outdoor Karting before, e-sports is always tricky and well .. Slalom with Karts or Cars was a whole new Challenge.. aswell as the Drift.

The 26°C + Weather made the Week sooo much better than 2019 too .. as back then we had just Rain.. but still was a hard hard Week with all the time constraints.


Now, after having had a normal start of the Week after , i am however looking forward to Valencia 2024 .. a Circuit i discovered only this Year thanks to the GT World Challenge.. and i imagine it will be even more Epic than this Years edition.. More countries and more competitiors will come there.. The whole event being  so awesome and truely one Day this should be followed around the World like the Olympics.. Another Mastermind move by Stéphane Ratel to have created this outstanding Global Event :)

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