VLN9 2019

VLN Seasons End Party was a Blast. All the mechanics, drivers and Teammembers were in the Eifelstadl to party the night away. ( it was around 5 am for us from 1VIER) Some celebrated their wins or Championships, some covered their sadness with copious amounts of Bitburger so they could laugh about it and dance. It was a weird Race with many many changes in the Front, but again a super close finish. The BOP works perfectly for the current GT Cars. and with a Cup5 VLN champion ( M240i) the Title goes again to BMW.

Patrick Assenheimer won overall with Maro Engel and subsequently won the ROWE Speed trophy. He is a true VLN product as he raced in the smaller Cars for years before switching to the GT3.. and changins driving partner between Maro and Manuel Metzger he could learn from the best drivers of the Green Hell to score 4 Overall wins in 9 Races. Top Job

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