VLN 6 2018, Records and more records

After a long and tiresome week adapting to the european Time we finally had Friday at the Nürburgring again. VLN #6 was due and i really welcomed the more temperate Eifel Climate. With great weather nevertheless we started into a great racing weekend.

On Saturday morning, Manuel Metzger was the first to take advantage of the ideal conditions and rocketed around the Nordschleife in the Black Falcon SP7 in a earth-shattering 8:10... 6 full seconds faster than 2nd place, Uwe Alzen. This was the starting point of a record breaking VLN run.

In the first Laps of the Race the top 3 all went sub 8 minutes and Klaus Bachler did a new VLN Record of 7:56... but also the Falken M6 and Land Audi did 7:57. Yeah conditions were perfect and while i feared more accidents due to the dry weather ( In the wet people tend to pay better attention) we only had one big accident to report, which i am sure you all saw on that video. Just so happy that the cars are so secure and that Jon wil be out of the Hospital soon .

Falken won 1-2 with the better end for the Porsche crew this time and a turquoise podium as the Konrad Lambo finished 3rd. This was probably the last Summer run and next time we are all in full winter gear so let's enjoy the Imagery

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