The Double-header of the NLS ( formerly known as VLN) this Weekend is done. 2 Races back to back is harder than most people might think as the distance of 4 hours on the Nürburgring is more demanding than an 2 x 8 hours Races on any other Racetrack. This goes not only for the drivers and the Cars but also for the photographers. Having to deliver the best imagery on this huge Track in a timely fashion and with Vodafone having lowered the usual coverage is not an easy Task.. 200+ km on the Moped, 12 km on foot in the Mountains. both Days were only ended around 22:00 for us.


But at least the looming Rainshowers always passed us and we had a great sunny weekend out in the woods. With no access to the Pitlane and Paddock ( except the 3 official photographers) there was some time to play around with different positioning and the flowering Eifel did its best to accomodate us. The Race itself was dominated by HRT and Octane 126 with the on Track win by the Ferrari.. but after their Tyre proved to be non regulated the victory went to Maro, Adam, Luca and Manuel making them the first Double-Double-Header wInners. Keep it up boys.. the Season is short :)

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