NLS 4, my Birthday edition

Over 120 Participants threw themselves in the Green Hell last saturday and the Temperatures were quite on point. While everybody had to have the Raintyres ready to go because of the dodgy predictions the weather was bonedry and the Tyre compounds suffered massively.
On most turns you could hear the black gold being ripped apart by the G forces.
Walkenhorst #101 managed to get the Pole in front of the Phoenix Audis but lost the lead on the charge towards the 1st Turn. Then it was a full out 4 hour Sprint to match the Speed of the Green R8.. different Strategies, Pitstops.. but there was no match to the Rene Rast, DTM champion driven Car.
But when you look at the perfomarnce of the non works drivers in the BMW and the #5 Phoenix Car ..following such a platinum Driver studded Car it was amazing they could seriously challenge them.
Here are the impressions i gathered, enjoy

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