Impressions from the Pitwall VLN 9 2016

First of all: Huge congratulations to Mario Farnbacher and the whole Farnbacher Team for finally winning overall in the Lexus, really deserved  that one !



Well well well, the net and social media is always a bit interesting, especially when 50+ year old get involved, but that is another story ;) It was time for VLN again. The weather went from Full Summer to Autumn in 3,5 days and so Friday was dark, misty and wet, we actually got the heater on the Pitwall Stand out again .


Friday afternoon went pretty nice, we tested the wet setup, had some brake pad work to do and generally felt confortable with both cup cars. In the #57 we had the old crew back ( no not age, don't worry guys) as Carsten didn't have to work and could compete.

The morning started a bit late due to fog, but all there were no surprises with the weather the whole day. Qualifying was all in the Wet though and we managed to hvae a nice time just 0,1 seconds from the Frikadelli Porsche with Brück.. but we were only P3 on the grid... what the  ... ??

Yes there was the new Cup from Manthey ( with a gorgeous Design from Berzerkdesign) and Mister Gin Tonic and Felipe Lazer were clearly the fastest of the SP7 that morning. On P3 and P5 we started the Race amidst the GT3. After Tim passed Brück they had a little touch that bent one rim on the #56. But Tim had no vibrations or problems and could chase the Manthey onto the Nordschleife.


It was already clear on the formation lap that we wouldn't be out on wets for long and after 2 laps we decided to pit both cups. This was the perfect moment to do it as those who changed in lap 1 still had trouble finding the grip and a couple of the GT3 even spun out. Thos who pitted 1 lap later were in the worst traffic jam in the pitlane since the 24hours.

with tim having done 12 perfect laps he came into the pits on p1 and p5 overall and alex took over.  In the #57 we in p3 when Carsten came in for the change on Jürgen and if we hadn't had some fuel pump errors we would have finished p3 in class at the end of the Race. Of course we profited from the Frikadelli car having to retire, but on track we were ahead by 2 minutes comfortably cruising towards our 5th Victory out of 9 Races ( + Victory in the 24hours)

But cruising wasn't the Game of Felipe lazer, who showed what the Manthey Cup could do and closed in with Giant steps to Alex who was on the second part of his double stint. Luckily the Spaniard woke up and he pushed the last 2 laps staying ahead of the Manthey Car, beating them by 0,39 seconds to the chequered Flag.


The Mojito beat the Gin Tonic for today, but these guys are seriously fast, much respect to them. When the Frikadelli Porsche is back in VLN 10 we will have to show everybody who are the Kings of SP7.

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