GTWCEU Misano 2022

Pizza, Rimini, Gelato, Valeeeee...
A Weekend on the Italian Cost.. in July.
Oh man.. already upon stepping out of the Airplane it was warm.. no.. Hot. Once we arrived on the Misano Racetrack, 15 km from where Mr. Rossi lives.. the temperature even went up. Not only on the tarmac but also with the Fans.
After the Practice and pre qualifying runs i was just happy that it wasn't an Endurance Race as being outside in the Sun was already proving. I could hardly imagine how the drivers inside the Cars were doing, but seeing super-fit Pro drivers getting out completely drenchend gave evrybody an idea.
As for the Racing.. it was good.. in GT2 Anders Fjordbach drove the insane Brabham and had a last lap overtaking win.. in GT4 we had great Battles throughout the Field with the AMG GT4's being super Strong all weekend and in GT3 well .. we had the eternal Battle of the #32 vs the #89.. but from what i gathered the Track suits itself better to the mid engined Audi than the mid-front engined AMG, so even with Lello clocking in the Fastest Lap of the Weekend .. overall they couldn't really challenge the WRT Spearhead.
This was the last GTWCEU Event pre-Spa 24 Hours, so now that everybody is going home, all the machines will be prepared to tackle the big one .. Can't wait.. if you haven't prepared your stay in Spa this year you are missing out .. it will be Legendary !

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