VLN 1, Victory

This year I am again part of the Black Falcon Team, again on the Pitwall. Orchestrating the Strategy, Pitstops and Communication with the Drivers. While the hardest part of the job is done by the Pit Crew around the Chief Mechanics, the Stress about having the global overvieuw, placement  of the various Cars and the competition will be my personal challenge this year.


The first test went pretty smooth ( except one little broken part that Tim Scheerbarth luckily "felt" and we managed to iron out that kink.  Classwin in the SP7 Class also meant a P19 Overall, which is immensely impressive in that ~180 Car field.. where we had over 30 GT3 Cars..


The H4 finished 26th overall and got 2nd Place in its class... Last year the SP7 was piloted by Gerwin and Manuel Metzger, both are still with the Team, just in Cars from the other Stuttgart Car Company.  Manuel finished 3rd overall in the AMG GT with the Worksdrivers Bernd Schneider, Maro Engel and the recent new Worksdriver addition Adam Christodoulou... The Pictures in this Album are some of the Bits and pieces i see around my place on the Pitwall

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