VLN 6 2016                       a Crash and a Podium

It was clear that VLN 6 was going to be a hard one. With the #56 and #57 on my Worksheet I had to control 2 SP7 instead of the usual SP7 and H4 combination. Now both my cars would start in the same group and come around to the Start/Finish Line much closer than before.



But, alas, It didn't come to this.

On Friday we tested a lot on both cars as the old #600 crew had to get acquainted to the all new Porsche 991 GT3 Cup BF and the #56 was a totally new car aswell.. build up to the same specifications of the one we lost in VLN5 but still a brand new Car.


In the evening we changed a bit on the Bodywork of the #57 as there was not enough ventilation and we were all set for the qualification session on Saturday.

Radio checks, fresh rubber on the cars and out we went, the weather was unstable at first as it had rained all night and the Eifel Clouds were still blown in the general direction of the track so we wanted a smooth installation lap to see how the track is. This is were I got the Radio call i didn't want to hear. We lost a car on the damp track and damaged the rear. And on a part were you can't recover your car quickly and repair during the session.

The advantage of being down to 5 cars ( 4 Porsche and the GT, instead of 5 Porsche and the GT) is that I took over the Cayman GT4 from Fiedel, Aurel and Bandar.. so Michael dind't have to juggle 3 cars. And i still had the #57 to compete in the SP7. The technical Jump from the old #600 to the new 991 Cup is about 10 years of Porsche development so Jürgen, Takis and Carsten had to change a lot of their Driving to adapt to the new Aero and Steering kinetics. In the Race itself everything went pretty smoothly and without major incidents. We had some false electronical Message on the Cayman that was gone once the Car was reset during the Pitstop and we had a Drive Through for the #57 due to a yellow flag infringement, but that is normal when you are monitored via the GPS signal. What isn't normal is that after we served our drive-through the lap before our regular Pitstop that the Marshals said that we didn't do the Drive-through and that we only had one lap now to do it.. I have been in Race Control in other series for many many years and we even announced that we would serve them after lap 15, how can you miss this when you have a timekeeping that can simply show you the Pit in and Pit out times ?



Despite the Drive-through we fought back on Track and actually got up to P3 in class, when our contender the ClickVers Porsche crashed and we had no more pressure from behind. The new #57 Crew still have to learn the new Car and then we can compete for the higher positions with the sister car #56, but that was not for today..so congratz to the Frikadelli Team for their SP7 Classwin. In 2 weeks we won't make it so easy for you. :)




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