VLN8, Indian Summer

The Penultimate Round of this years VLN Season is over. Just one Race to go and it will be a heavy deciding Event. The Championship and the Class Championships are still up for grabs for multiple Cars.
But first this VLN 8. Due to a gentleman SP9 drifting in the first 800 meters in Starting Group1 and subsequently causing a 4 Car collision.. and the Starting Group2 arriving to take the Green light ... the Race was Red flagged.. to prevent major accidents. So we started 80 Minutes later as the whole grid had to be reformed.From then on it was a nice sunny day with Great Racing.. if you forget that Mcchips Gearbox failed, that BF had the wrong Wheelnuts, that Küpper Racing had a crash which resulted that a friend of mine had to check in to the Adenau Hospital.
The most amazing job in these few minutes was done by the Black Falcon Customer Racing Team that repaired the 162, SP10 Championship contender, so it could participate, this, coupled with the Sorg Rennsport M4 DNF keeps their hopes alive.
On the front end Raffaele Marciello took the lead early and just fled the following pack, never to be seen again until the chequeredflag. the #34 BMW, Black Falcon #6, Phoenix #5 and Getspeed #2 fought a very hard battle for the podium with the better end for the AMG's.. after the Walkenhorst M6 was disqualified after the post Race checks.. some bolts were not tightened.

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