GTWC 2022 Endurance Final

Olá Barcelona ! It was the last GTWCeu Dance of the Season.. it is now Thursday (and close to going to the Nürburgring)... and i finally come around to realize that for the next GTWC Event i will have to wait until March.
What a Season ! I had planned to do various Events and ofc the 24 Hours but then to jump in and help out for this Year was totaly Awesome. What the Media Team delivered, in what timeframes and always in Good Spirit is impressive.. thanks to all you guys and girls..
Barcelona proved to be a hard one at the End.. LED screens behind the podium should be forbidden.. and the Electric Scooter thing had a Flat tyre JUST when i went for the Start of the 3 Hour GT3 Race... Other than that.. wow.. what a Race.. the Ferrari just blasted away within 3 Laps from the Pack and well to win the Title it was their only chance.
Luckily for the 3 24h Winners Marciello, Juncadella and Busdriver Gounon ( he did a Bus Tour during the Pagani and GT1 showcase) .. Dynamic's Bachler Cairoli and Picariello came back, overtook the Ferrari and didn't let go of the Lead until the Chequeredflag .
What a Weekend, what a Year..
Here are my Impressions in Images.. I hope you enjoy


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