VLN1 2020

First Race in these Social distancing Times




FIrst of all : THANKS to all the Fans that did not come to the Eifel !!! Total Respect , you guys rock !
Finally Real Endurance Racing again !
This Weekend the Organisation of the NLS ( VLN) made it possible with a huge effort to the hygiene setup of the pitlane and Paddock that we could have a Race.
Both locations were changed massively and access was denied to all guests, fans and media as to ensure the concept of separation and distancing functions as it should.
The action on the Track itself was just as good as the Years before and all the new Cars with new Designs and or Teamnames battled it out in Qualifying. In the End it was the newly founded HRT- AMG that claimed the Pole.
While we all dreaded the incoming Rain for the Racestart it was luckily just some drizzle and while the Cloudcover was pretty intense, it was extremely Warm and humid, ideal conditions for Racing.. but of course with no Work in the Pitlane or Paddock I could have imagined myself to sit down in a Garden with a BBQ and follow the Livestream from Nürburgring TV.
This is how you guys enjoyed this Season opener in June hopefully and i am 100% certain it was better than any virtual Racing that helped us bridge this Virus-related motorsport time-out.
In the End the HRT did a flawless Start-Finish Race, but due to a Time penalty lost their 100% Win Ratio to the Walkenhorst Pro Team.. but i guess 100% pole positions and 100% podiums of all Races is a Statistic that everyone would like to have.
In 2 Weeks we have the Double-feature of 2 VLN RAces back to back .. on Saturday and Sunday.. Can't wait
I missed this so much.. and now i only miss the friends that were in the Paddock, but it is an awesome Step in the right Direction :) Thanks VLN, Thanks Fans.. Keep on Racing !

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