VLN 7, Victory ROWE 6 hours

Back on Top where we belong. After 2 gruesome results in VLN 5 and 6 it was time to focus and shine again.


The 6 hours is the HIghlight of the VLN Season, the 24hours isn't part of the Championship, so the Nürburgring was packed.  Same for the Team, we had 8 Cars in total this weekend, 2 GT's and 6 Porsche. This would have been pretty problematic in BoX 33 so the GT's were put in another one.

6 Porsche split between Michael and me, the 2 Controllers it was clear that the whole Strategy and  Pitstop Organisation was going to be more than stressful.

As usual i got my 2 SP7 Teams and in additon the #448, a V5 Cayman to we used to get the Laps of Rany Lethmate and Dani Juncadella they need for their Permit.

On Friday my "old " driver Manuel Metzger took the #57 for a Test Drive and clocked an 8:18:00 . This was just the first Strike of Manuel this weekend as on qualifying he burned a 7:54 and the absolute fastest time ever recorded in qualifying into the Green Hell history books.


With an almost incident Free Friday we just had to mend some kins and bruises on the Cayman.. hey a experienced RCN driver is allowed to have a little mistake on the GP track.

In qualifying on Saturday the Tactic and preparation all was close to flawless and we managed to place all cars well in their respective classes.. playing it safe and not pushing for the last second to beat the Frikadelli Porsche with the #56. In the Race  we somehow lacked a bit of power and once we were in P1 we managed our 3 minute advantage while saving tyres and fuel.  The #57 had a promising start too, with P3 as a good position, but then something in the Gearbox stopped working and we retired the Car. Heartbraking for the 2 other drivers, but that is Racing.


With again just 2 cars on the Radio, the Pitwall Job had become easier especially with the V5 that is low maintenance, the Cup require a lot more attention with pumps and tactics.

With a DTM Driver on the roster the V5 blew past the competition and ended up on the Podium aswell, muchas Gracias Dani :p


No Rain, no Incidents, all in all a very succesfull Day, crowned with 11th overall, but now we have to work for the remaining 3 Runs.. Mr.Brück did a 8:20 in the Race.

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