VLN4 2018, Fathers & Sons

A Controversial VLN 4 Weekend with some nice Family stories

The most beautiful Fathers/ sons Story comes from the WTM Team around Georg Weiss. The Printer from Monschau was beaten by his Son for 2nd Place.
First time for Leonard to be on the Podium.. and this together with the Menzel Father/Son combination.

WInning Father and Son Teams already have a Tradition on the VLN Podium, the best example is that of the Schall family, from the 190 Evo wins, over to the Opel Astra DTM powerhouse .. and now Ralf Schall is still winning on his own.. this time his 100th Classwin in H4. What a Palmares

Miguel Toril came back the second time this year to the VLN, having skipped the 24 Hours .. and what a comeback it was. First Place in Class and Winner of the whole Production Cars
Outright best Production Car and Class win with Ronny Letmathe. Vamos !

As of now we don't have a definitive Result because of Appeals and a Situation where the dodgy removal of a Code 60 phase resulted in 2 Packs of Cars with different Speeds on the Döttinger Höhe and people with and without the right to overtake ( did they saw yellow or green flags on the last post)

In Theory the End of a Code 60 Phase whould be done from the back to the Front so that there is no Risk of having Cars with different Speeds on the same part of the Track in between posts. If we have now some eager posts that remove their Code60 Sign too quickly and convert into Green before their part of the Track is free of Cars, then they create a pack of cars that actually are allowed to drive without limitation .. but the cars in front still saw a double yellow (120kp/h) or even a Code 60.

As always the full Album of 1VIER.com will be published on https://www.facebook.com/1vier/ .. with the full force of all 4 of us

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