GT World Challenge Magny Cours

Magny- Cours GTWC Sprint.. What a great Track, what a superbe Event. It was my first time on the legendary " Grand Prix de France" Circuit. I remember the Races in the 90ies with Senna, Mansell and Prost fighting here. I have rarely seen a pure GP Track that is so well designed for Spectators.. And if you ask the Local Marshals, this Weekend it was the fullest that the Track has been in over a Decade.
It is perfectly located in the hilly area, with "chateaux" left and right, the vieuws from the Grandstands are just breathtaking and combined with the full force of GT3, GT4, F4 and TC Races all day ... perfect family outing.
As for the GTWC, lots of Track action, multiple Hairpins and a chicane where everybody can see a GT3 actually lift off. Yes there is the Rossi effect, but even the pure MotoGP fans i talked to said that it was a MEGA event and they had great fun watching the different Car classes and will especially come back for the GTWC.
The Pole Position for Race 1 of Gachet was a kind of a Surprise, but the Car Collection ( Tresor ) Team deserved that place for being the Force behind the Top dogs.. WRT and AKKA dominate the Sprint.. Akka thanks to the Lello who showed in both Races that he has just more Speed than the others.. how and where? Ask the Engineers, they should study the Ita.. ehh Swiss Drivers Data in depth. With his Sprint Partner Timor he was unbeatable in the 2nd Race.. as for WRT ..they simply beat everybody by a Mile in their Pitstop .. Why fight for mere tenth of seconds on the Track when you can take 3-6 seconds in the Pits ? What a Show, what a display.
It is monday now and i could definately watch an Endurance Race on Magny Cours even though the Pits are tiny and very Narrow.. but yeah the Track deserves more Love .. from any series.. i rather watch a Race there than on any computer simulated new GP track.. Good times.. and here are my Impressions :



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