VLN4, Victory

Well well well, this time I had no camera with me on the Raceday itself as it was clear this was going to be a very tricky Race. I have a clear recollection of every June 25th in the last 40 years and never ever I have seen so much Fog and heavy Rain for the whole day ... ( until the Race was over of course)    After the 24hours this was again where I had 2 Cars on my Radio, the #600 and the #56. We managed a fine 3rd place on the Grid with the H4 as more and more SP7 cars found their way into the class we absolutely dominated last year.


I did send the #56 onto a times lap right away as it was clear to me that the rain would increase 20-30 minutes after the quali start .. We placed top5 overall ( hello GT3 drivers! ) at first and it took the pros on the GT3's a loooong time to get besides us.. and the goldenboy Alex managed to find a free lap later in the quali to set us Top7 overall on the grid.


On both cars being in the front pack of their respective starting groups is very important as the spray was intense.  At no point during the next 4 hours we had a breather, even after the fastest other SP7 withrew from the Race. You could hear and feel the stress the drivers had with the water on the track. but we only had one little incident on the H4 that cost us 20 minutes of repair, but as the class has become so hard it was unfortunately impossible to get back into contention . with the SP7 we dropped to 11th place as the lowest against the GT3 armada.. but in the end the coolness of both Tim and Alex let us finish on P6 overall, a sensational result.  Perfect Birthday gift to me..

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