Schinkenrennen 2022

6 Hours of NLS !

First of all .. it is the Summer Break now .. We have to wait until September for the next Nordschleife Action.

But luckily we had a full 6 Hours to enjoy the mixed Class Behemoth that is the NLS. And in every Class there

were intense fights for the "Ham" you get at the End of it. It is funny how trophies are one thing but when it is

about a full sized Pig Leg that you get as Classwinner.. the stakes are sooo much higher !

( I remember this intensely when we won this race with Tim Scheerbarth and Alexander Toril in the SP7)

While we missed out on the Grello again, the Falken Team took over the Spearhead function for Porsche and in the End the

#3 Porsche took the Maiden Victory with a good Minute to spare .. I mean .. they crossed the line with 32 seconds to go..

which meant they had to go for another FULL Lap.. I am not sure i would have done that as with lenghtly Code 60ies and 120+ other

participants the Risk was there to lose the Victory to a TD. Behind the Hard charging Phoenix Audi and Yokohama liveried M4 were the battle of the Race and took

P2 and 3.

And if you take into account the fact that the Schnitzelalm, #16 Audi and the 3rd placed M4 all slipped on an oil spill at the entry of the Adenauer Forst just 2 hours before..

the fight at the Front was again proof that the BOP is working.

The best news of all was the Return of the Speedbeat Team rejoining the Championship.. they retired the much beloved Gisela V4 Car and prepared a new

VT2 RWD BMW.. with the perfect livery for the Nürburg Based Hotelier. Named Schanki, the VT2 is in full Bitburger colors, there is not doubt that this team is 100% Eifel.

Here are my impressions:

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