Testday Spa 24hours

It was a grey Morning when we made our way towards Spa. So grey that we even forgot to put on the Sunscreen. Big Mistake, as it turned out the mountains in the Ardennes were in full Sunshine and intensive Sunshine after 10. The Day started on Time,Teams and officials were just getting the cars out on the Track when there was a Red Flag. Unfortunately the brandnew Motor of 1 AMG GT decided to burst and blow a hole in the underside... on the pitexit line up the raidillon. Yes i heard the motor warm up before in the Box. After that there was another minor Red flag ( Spa being in the Trackday-weekday mode , they make sure that a stopped car doesn't cause more problems thus they red flag the session. Safer for everyone and they only last like 10 minutes most of the time)

And that was basically it with unscheduled breaks. The rest of the Day pilots could test their cars and setups on the track and gather information. well unless you count the 1 hour lunchtime when the pit Brasserie of Fabien became the best Hospitality of the Racing World because every Driver, Team Principal etc came to eat on top of the Pit Building. Awesome Service as always.


The day was topped with the Team of Le Mans Winning Timo Bernhard. He let the GT Guns around Kevin Estré and Laurens Vanthoor do the Job though. the 911 was the fastest on the Testday, will they be competitive in 3 weeks ? I sure hope so as we want to see a multi-brand battle for the Lead. (no reupload, no instagram), But you are more than Welcome to Share, comment tag :) ©chequeredflag.de by 1VIER.com

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