VLN 3 2016 2nd Place

We had Weather, lots of Rain on Friday that dried up quickly, then a beautiful sunny evening.. and on Saturday a hard but totally dry Race. The team was split up all weekend as the GT Part went to the Blancpain Endurance Series Race in England ( where Miguel, Maro and Oliver managed a superbe Pro-Am Win) and the Black Falcon and VLN Team stayed " at home".


The H4 is not as easy to win as last year and we have some stiff competition, so while we were always in contention with our competitiors, the Schall Porsche proved this time to be a tough nut to crack and we finished 2nd there.. as for the SP7 where we already won the 2 first races and wanted to go for the triple.. tough luck.. a flat tyre just before Bergwerk meant a very long return to the pits for Alex Toril.


The team did a magnificient job to get the Car out with Tim Scheerbarth as fast as possible and he started to grind back the 5 minutes we were now behind. After he managed to reduce it to 3 minutes, we put Alex back into the car,.. he did close the gap to 30 seconds, but unfortunately a Code 60 Phase just in the last lap meant that the leading BMW M6 wouldn't cross the line at 15:58 but after 16:00 and thus we wouldn't have that last lap... I swear we would have gotten our first place back in that last lap.

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