VLN3 2019

VLN3.. or the real complete first Race of 2019. The Weathergods were again unsure what Season it is so they gave us the whole Range. Drizzle, Sunshine, Heavy Rain, some light Hail.. everything was on the Menue. So it was without surprise that everyone was sliding and struggling with grip ( also yours truely as for the first time i slipped on the Grass going towards Adenauer Forst on my Scooter.. what started as a cool drift, ended after 12 Meters when the Grip came back.. much to the amusement of the bystanders.)


The Nordschleife Specialists and Rain Dancers were called that day and in many Teams were put in the Car to take the Start. When you see full Pro DTM Drivers struggling and spinning you know that finishing the Race without Scratches is an exploit it itself. The Porsche Armada from Manthey was a force and without my Namensvetter Kevin making an obvious Jumpstart and the 2,5 Litres they overfuled.. would have been an epic win for them. My boys from the 14 inherited the 3rd Place on the Podium this way which was nice.. but ultimately it all counts what weather we have in June.


The Performance of the Porsches in the Wet was amazing. They rarely twitched while all front-middle Cars had a loose Backend in many corners. I hope all the Teams managed to find a good Rain Setup for the rest of the Season as i highly doubt we have a 0 Rain Repeat from 2018 . Here are some Impressions:



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