Spa-Classic 2022

The "Classic" Weekend
For me personally i chose to go to "Spa-Classic" as I could help out the Racecontrol a little bit and test out some new Places around the Belgian Rollercoaster.
Peter Auto brought the Endurance to Historic Racing again.. Best of the 50ies, 60ies, 70ies and of course the GroupC. This was crowned by the Endurance Racing Legends with Le Mans winning LMP1 Bentley.
These Days where Thierry doesn't have to monitor the dB(A) output of the Machinery on Track are always special, there are only a few of them per Year in Spa and "Spa-classic " is one of them.. Ford GT40 with 140 measured on the Start-finish Straight would mean a direct Black Flag usually but on F1, 24h and this Weekend it just means Music to my Ears.
And the dreaded Weathergods also were mercifull and the heavy thunderstorms parted ways just in front of Stavelot to leave the Track virtually untouched by them.. just some regular belgian raindrops didn't really spoil the fun.
Other than that the openess of spa, the long Spectator friendly roads and the perfect in paddock animation delivered great entertainement to those in attendance.
I am now preparing for the Nürburgring and it's 24 Classic Race next Friday, so for me i have seen the best tracks with the best historic Racing all within a week... Here are my impressions in images:



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