BMW exclusive Podium in NLS 3. With the Fast Porsches being out before the Race and in the first laps, the AMG's having suffered a really dodgy qualifying ( hello 5 code 60ies) the front row at the Start was 100% pure Bavarian Stallions.. and it wouldn't change until the chequered flag.
What a fireworks of Racing by the "old dogs" rowe, the "juniors" of the Junior Team and the Yokohama Walkenhorst with Krognes, Soucek and Trogen. .. at some point the " i am not saying they are sandbagging but they were somewhat slow" other SP9's found their accelerator Pedal but the BMW Train was gone.
With the Krolls + married addition and the Schnitzelalm #666 winning their class the Podium was full of BMW Teams.
A bit early, but hopefully they will all repeat their exploit at the 24 Hours next month. Can't wait.. all in all a great Race after the unfortunately cancelled nls2... I think everybody around the Track was happy that theSun was shining and the Action with 150+ cars on track was constant. :)



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