VLN 8 2018

VLN8.. 8th Run in a row with no Rain or Bad weather, actually 23°C and more during a glorious Autumn Day. And finally Patrick Assenheimer could show what his AutoArena AMG could do by simply switching to Michelins. There were a lot of current DTM drivers in various classes, some to get their Nordschleife Permit like Joel Eriksson that ran a M235i Cup, some to go for the Overall Win like Edoardo Mortara. But the dry weather also means that people are pushing the limits, hence we had a pretty troublesome qualifying and first part of the Race, the DNF list is pretty long... in the End SPS Performance with Renger and Edo only lost to a 0.9 second error on Pittime, which cost them a drive through penalty.. but boy.. what an impressive display on their first VLN participation. V4 was great to watch on Track, but is a total catastrophy after the race with the Main VLN Title contenders cancelling each others out with protests.. In the VT2 Class we already have our winners for 2018, the Waldow Performance Mégane cannot be beaten anymore and the Team will go for a good VLN9 result to fight for the Junior Trophy 2018

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