VLN6 ... 1-2- 3 .. Patrick Assenheimer managed to do something no driver did for 10 Years, winning 3 VLN Races in a Row. Kudos to Manuel Metzger and Maro Engel who were his co-pilots in their respective wins. Otherwise .. it was Wet .. but of course not wet throughout the Day but Wet at the Start, slightly wet during the race with a big Shower in the middle and at the end. This made Tyres and Tyre choices the crucial decision at every Pitstop. Phoenix, after their switch 2 Races ago to Michelin, was the only car at the Start to somewhat compete with the Porsche driven by Kevin Estre, but the Rear-engined Car just had the Traction to blast in front.. But both Cars didn't see the Finish Line and thus opened the Road for Black Falcon flawlessly driving Manuel and Patrick. Here are my Impressions



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