Blancpain Sprint Series Zolder

I have seen the Formula one, GroupC and all kinds of Touringcars in Zolder, so of course seeing the Best GT Series in the World was a Must. Still tired from an epic 24hours of the Nürburgring i dreaded the Weather forecast as in Germany we had severe Rain and thunderstorm warnings but " le plat pays" ( the flat land as Belgian Singer Brel called it) welcomed us with a very hot Track.


Zolder is a fairly small and fast circuit with hard chicanes where the pack is always compressed, so it was going to be very interesting to see the huge field of GT3 cars compete here.

Audi with WRT is the best known team here in Belgium and was present in force.. in the Pits aswell as on Track. Special Kudos to Stuart Leonard who drove in "my" SP7 last year in the VLN for a Test and who went on to win the Qualifying Race. Great Job from what i have experienced to be a well rounded driver for the Blancpain Sprint series.


All inhabitants of Zolder had free entry to the Race Festival that included the Belcar and the Belgian TCR. This is not only a nice gesture from the organisation, but in Zolder there is always an issue with Motor Silence and the one hour for Lunch where no Motor is allowed to run is funny to experience with this international Setup.


Audi and Mercedes were the Teams to beat this weekend and the big bulky M6's and Bentleys seemed to have no real chance in any session. Were is the Turbos that just didn't get enough air because of the high temperatures ? I would think in the Race it was more of lack of Space on Track as you simply could not place the Car next to someone.


In Case of Rowe they were viciously spun around by competitors repeatedly. Penalties were given but of course in a Sprint you simply can't catch back up. Well, then Rowe and has to be content with having the most beautiful Cars on the Grid.

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