Paul Ricard 1000 km

Paul Ricard 1000 KM
First time for me in the South of France on the Pastis fueled Racetrack. We had everything, from Rain to tropical Heat.. GT4 and GT3's were on the Menu and with both fields sporting 50+ Cars it was a Blast to Shoot.. just had to adapt very quickly to the Track as the crème de la crème of Photographers were present and as always with the GTWCE all the Worlds finest GT drivers.
Ferrari dominated all throughout the Weekend, all other Brands suffered with unnecessary crashes, tire punctures and technical problems.. the #63 lambo was driven like a sledgehammer to be in contention for a while, the #88 AMG ended up 3rd after having bodged their Pitstops and the #50 Junior BMW came in 4th after a smooth Race by the 3 Eifelboys.. what an accomplishment to beat all these elite Pro GT drivers.
Thanks again to the communications Team for their Trust and Teamwork and here are my impressions of the short stay in the Provence:

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