NLS 7, Phoenix takes it all

It was nice to be back in my own Woods after many weeks on the Road. Bitburger and Früh on the Menue ( in the evenings) and some glorious Endurance Racing.

2023 is announcing itself very interesting as many, many Champions are currently undergoing their Licence Runs. Kazuki Nakajima, Charles Weerts, Dennis Lind, JB Simmenauer, Benjamin Goethe.. all drove in the "smaller" Classes .. and in the Case of the WRT guys they didn't drive the Nordschleife before this Weekend. :D


Even though the Start of the Day was chilly, the Sun settled in very quickly ( which produced some intense harsh light) , so Tyre choice for the first stint was crucial. The all new ( and with no BOP) Manthey Porsche GT3 R started ( as per regulation) at the back of Starting Group 1.. but proved to be blistering fast in the Hands fo the 2 Frenchmen Julien Andlauer and Fred Mako.

It settled in between the dominating Phoenix Audis.. i would think they didn't want to push hard for 1st place as they were in the SPX class..


Other than that it was a nice Day for Phoenix with the 1-2 and a great 24 Hours winning party at the End of the Day .. ( thanks for the Fireworks at midnight too ). And I am so happy for Mr. Moser as this Double Victory was just the Cherry on Top.

anyways.. here is what i have seen this Weekend :

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