24h Spa 2022

The MASSIVE 24 Hours of Spa Post ..
Massive because of, well everything .. After the 2 Years of Pandemic Issues we finally had the Fans back in force .. and well .. you guys came. At the Parade already i was flabbergasted by the Sheer amounts of People .. and not like everyone thought .. just more Mr. Rossi Fans... but true Motorsports Fans. The Folks i talked to knew the Teams, the Drivers, their History.. the History of this, the biggest GT Race in the World. People were happy .. the Beer and Foodstalls were pumping.. the Racing was phenomenal .
Obviously as Photographer you can't follow all the little Details and Pitstops from everyone so at times you are a little lost on who is leading for Real and is not just on a different Strategy.. so i am rewatching the Race on the GTWorld youtube channel now.. and i see that the connectivity issues were just at the Start as cell reception was dodgy by the "millions" of People on track.
As for the Final Result i must say.. the Best Team won.. I am so happy for my 3 buddies from AKKA as they gave it all, no mistakes and worked so many Years for this Victory.. If you know me you know i would have been fine with the BMW winning and Maro and Luca .. but this Victory is sooooo well deserved for Dani, Jules and Lello and i am truely happy for them.
Overall you can say that the BOP from the SRO is perfectly on point again as the Racing was on par throughout the Brands ( at least what i have seen on Track) ..
Now i will enjoy the Re-live more and hope you enjoy my BIG Album.. take care and bring on 2023 with GT3 & GT2 Cars.. multiclass will bring another Variable back into the Game ?

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