TOTAL 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps 2018

Superseason WEC has started. It was a Display of utter dominance from Toyota in the Belgian Ardennes in the LMP1 Category, even after the number 7 had to start a lap down from the Grid due to a faulty Fuel Mesuring device they ended up in P2 in the end. The number 8 Sistercar around the most photographed Person Alonso simply did a Start-Finish victory.


Luckily the GTLM Class provided the thousands of Fans with an interesting 6 hours. After the dreadful crash on Friday where Pietro Fittipaldi broke his legs 3 times we had the Ford also crash in Raidillion, luckily it was just Bodywork Damage and nobody was seriously hurt.


Why you have to push that hard and try to draft on your Teammate at that point is a complete mystery to me. Ford won the GTLM in the end and send a clear message to the GT field that they will be hard to beat throughout the Season. Porsche was close but Aston and BMW will have to improve more to get into contention for the future Races. This Gallery is a glimpse what we expereinced on Track this Saturday


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