VLN 8 2016, Satz mit X

Satz mit X... it's the Start of a german Saying when a day started promising but then in the end it was without result. VLN8 last weekend had bad weather predictions but proved to be a wonderful sunny weekend. We came from hard won victory in the 6 hours and the #56 car was improved by Chrissy and the guys. Both drivers felt much more comfortable and said they absolutely loved the Setup. The #57 car was also improved and with Carsten having to work we got ourselves a very good replacement with Stuard Leonard who usually drives with WRT in an Audi R8. He was directly competitive in this lower Aero car and from what I could see could compete at a good level once he would to know the car better.
Both cars qualified directly behind the GT3 cars so once the hectic first lap was done they tried to get into a good rythm and move forward. Alex was blocked for a long time behind amateur driven GT3's.. faster on acceleration, but earlier on brakes and much less corner speed than him and once he broke free he could start on chasing Chris Brück.. When Tim took over and closed the gap on Marc Gindorf to under a minute it seemed that the day would continue like it had started, but alas.. it went pretty south there. Shortly after the driver change on the #57 something broke and the car touched the rails slightly.. but hard enough to damage the radiator. Meanwhile Alex was chasing Frank Krähling and was clocking his best lap times of the weekend.
Upon catching him there was a touch between the 2 and that unstabilzed Alex's car and he consequently touched the rails leaving him stranded in the Bellof-S. It wasn't our weekend.. Worse of all, the GT who was competing for overall Victory also had a slip up on some liquids in Tiergarten... But Fidel Leip and Aurel Scholler managed to be 28th overall in the Cayman GT4.. which is really good for the 2 young drivers   I think as a Team we did our best but sometimes it just isn't enough. We have to grow on our mistakes, find more patience and in VLN9 we shall attack again.

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