Qualifiers 2022

Monday morning, the Day after the Races. It all started out pretty fine, wonderful Weather, an Evening of Racing going into the Sunset and a action packed 3 Day event. And after the Qualifying the BMW's showed again that they weren't sandbagging or positioning themselves to get a better BOP for the 24 Hours in 3 Weeks. Pedal to the Metal, only the the Ferrari of Octane126 did break up the Bavarian Phalanx.
Unfortunately my good friend Manuel had a nasty crash in the Haupt AMG and broke a thoracic vertebrae.. i wish him a speedy recovery and thank his guardian Angel that it wasn't worse.
Otherwise the Racing on the Track was good, a lot of people managed to get their remaining Laps done so they get their Permit for the 24 hours and most Teams are now ready to tackle the legendary endurance Race.
Even though the Grid will only be finalized during the 24 Hours itself, the top finishers have now secured their place in the top shootout.
The best moment for the non GT3 participants was probably the 2 lap qualifying on Sunday.. the VT2 and V4 Drivers had the Track for themselves.. no need to have one eye glued to the Mirrors, just pure driving.
Some have said that that was their best experience on the Nordschleife ever and multiple class lap records were broken.
On Sunday 's Race the BMW dominated again in the Start until they all fell ouf of contention. The Pro Walkenhorst #101 had a crash and the Rowe both had some kind of technical difficulties.. this left the Door open to the hard charging Getspeed AMG's and the Lionspeed Audis. the #3 AMG managed to win Race number wo and the Lionspeed #23 even passed their Teammates in the Works Audi to take the Final Position on the Podium, behind the Powerhouse of the BMW Junior Team.
Just as everybody was ready to go claim their Trophies and champagne a dire Message hit the Paddock though. We lost a Marshal to a non Race involved medical emergency in the last 30 minutes. He was on Post in the Corner Section before the Pflanzgarten for the Weekend, a true Fan and passionate about the Ring. My heartfelt condoleances to his Family who was there with him.
Here are some Impressions of the Races, of the Sunny Weather and all the good things that we had:



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