VLN6 2017

It was supposed to be a rainy Day for my first VLN this year as Fulltime Photographer. WE just had so much to do on the !VIER.com Front that i simply couldn't continue on the Pitwall for Black Falcon and switched to fulltime Photography for the Rest of the Year. But luckily for everyone involved there were only a few droplets once and again and when the heavy Rain hit Bergwerk i was far enough to stay dry . The Field in the VLN is usually a bit lighter towards the backend of the Season, but this time we had a burst of Teams and Cars. Dani Juncadella came back on the Nordschleife, this time for Haribo, Mücke Motorsport came with their Pink AMG GT and Schnitzer had Peng drive new parts of the M6 GT3 as a Test in the SPX. Unfortunately the AMG GT4's both didn't finish the Race...


Even more annoyingly the GT4 of Black Falcon didn't even start.. that was a bummer for me as I would have liked to have some Pictures of Miguel in it. The fight in the SP9 and the V4 were the best parts of the Race again. Manthey, Land, Falken and Phoenix had a long fight for the crown of the Race.. but alas it was Land and not Phoenix that got the first Audi win in 2017. ( I just prefer the Phoenix Design ;) )


In the V4, at this moment the best class to follow for intense Racing.. the Adrenalin #490 did win.. If you are following the VLN regularly you really should watch that class :

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