VLN5, Not happy

There are Good Days and there are Bad Days... After a couple of Classwins and a superbe 24hours at the Nürburgring this time Luck wasn't on our Side.



While Friday showed how good the SP7 is on a dry Track we had a flat tire in the last lap, just before the Training was finished at 18:00. But this wasn't a problem as Tim was able to park it at the Steilstrecke without any Body damage. a quick wipe and we were good for Saturdays Race.


In qualifying we were out as first SP7, following the GT Teams AMG and clocked a Top 10 time which lasted quite a while.. as the dry weather caused a couple yellow zones.

Alex Toril 's time was still the best SP7 and among the GT3's when Tim Scheerbarth did his quickest lap ever and went under 8:20 minutes.. a completely perfect lap should be in between 8:10 and 8:16.



Unfortunately from here on on the day  went downhill. At the start we lost a couple of positions with the SP7 due to 2 missing cars in the grid, and on the H4 the brake had some vibrations.

So Alex had to fight back up, managed to pass the ClickVers. Porsche and was already closing in again on Christopher Brück. Then disaster struck when entering a Code 60 a contender crashed into the rear of the SP7 and turned us into the guardrails. Game Over, but luckily Alex could exit the car unharmed.. a couple of bumps und bruises.


The H4 was safely in P3 behind the flying Menzel and TAM Racing, when we also encountered a problem there.. a smaller class car went zigzag on the track and pushed the Car off the Track, which in turn broke the exhaust .. The good thing about having Engineers as Drivers is that Carsten Knechtges felt immediately that there was something wrong and brought the Car into the Pits.. one more lap and there could have been some serious damage to the bodywork from the broken exhaust.

so yeah, the day was over.. it is much easier to deal with 0 points when you know where to work on.. we did no mistakes and will come back even stronger !

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