Suzuka 10 Hours 2018

Last little Impressions post of Suzuka before we had out to the Nürburgring again . It was a very interesting Weekend in Japan and if i can give you one tip for Suzuka, never leave the Train at Suzuka Station, always book a ticket until Shiroko.. Those who know.. know ;) The one thing i didn't manage to capture in the Pictures was the immense Heat and Humidity, the closest i have gotten is the Picture hereunder of Eric, the AMG Mechanic who build the winning Gundam Car. These guys spend their Weekend in the Fireproof Overalls hauling tyres and Parts. While i knew a lot of the People in the Paddock and Pits it is a whole different World all around the Track. Most Fans wield longer and more expensive lenses than many of the Press Photographers, everybody brought a Tent to the Track- to protect against the Sun- and everywhere you have chilled drinks vendor machines... for the same price per bottle as everywhere else in Japan. To walk around the Track as a simple Fan is rewarded by great vieuws. The only other Track that is as Spectator friendly is Spa-Francorchamps. I think the 10 Hours of Suzuka could easily be transformed into a true 24 Hour Race too, facilities and Track would be perfectly suited to host a "future classic" in the far east. I would go there.. and until then I will go to the 2019 edition of the 10 Hours for sure. Arigato Goseimas Suzuka, Sayonara until next Summer :)

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