NLS 6 hours 2021

NLS 7 2021 .. what a confusing first laps.. almost the whole Döttinger Höhe was a Code 60 right from the formation Lap.. as someone from the third Group managed to crash on a straight line. This of course caused more havoc as the Frontrunners coming onto the Straight were still tightly packed..Debris and more Code 60 resulted and took out cars from all starting groups, there is definitely space to discuss this with all parties involved. The culmination is the later in the Race crash into the back of the Phoenix Audi by a competitor of a slower class.
Other than that we had great Racing, perfect Weather and a plethora of different brands at the top.. just the Manthey #911 was bulletproof and once in the front he didn't let go.
Since Friday we have the new Name of the T13 Turn, now atly named after the Queen Bee of the Ring.. Sabine Schmitz Corner is now my favourite Part of the Nordschleife. <3



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