VLN 5 2019

VLN5 2019, the ROWE 6 Hours. When i woke up that morning i was cursing as the Weather was foggy and wet, Practice was dreadfully Wet and the mood in the Paddock was generally dampened. We wanted Summer, with Sunshine and fluffy clouds... and I guess the EifelWeather Gods heard the general outcry and jsut as the formation Lap the Skies cleared up and gave us a wodnerful Saturday with Sunshine.


I was thrilled as McChip, Black Falcon and Phoenix all had cars that could win the Race or get on the Podium. Great close Racing between the lot of them and you could see why these guys perform well at the 24hour Races, because they are ultimately more aware about traffic and the positioning of their contenders than others. Maro Engel vs. Adam Christodoulou on the one hand.. Vincent Kolb and Patrick Assenheimer on the other. Respect and Speed..


That is the Stuff the fans want to see .



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