NLS 1 2023

The Green Hell Season is underway !.. After a dodgy rainy snowy cold Testdays last Week.. we had the first NLS Race ! and well it was a balmy 13°C and no Rain .. yes no rain .. the drizzle mid race didn't count ?
It was grey, beige brown and the Track was still in Wintermode, but the Racing was phenomenal.. In the first laps you thought the Cars were faster and Louder than the previous Years.
The BOP for the GT3 seemed quite good as all Brands were competing at the Front, and as we have Brand new Ferraris and a brand new Lambo .. the diversity was really pleasant.
BMW might have had an edge with the all Black Yokohama BMW putting itself on Pole, but subsequently in the Race the ROWE Belgian Bavarian combo proved to be the Car to beat.
Only the PHX Audi could stay in contact right until the End.
Toyota brings a Plethora of Supras this year, with various Teams, Tyres and Classes.. and in the next Race even more are joining the Eifel Endurance series.
Here are some Impressions from this Saturday:



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