VLN2 NLS1 2021

VLN 2 .. or is it NLS1 .. in any case it was the first Real Race of the Longdistance Running Endurance Racing Series that is run on the Nürburgring. And it was Glorious ? While usually we had the good weather during the Week and then the bad on the Weekend.. this time it was just vice-versa. Snow still on thursday but nice warm weather.. yes warm.. I was running around in a T-shirt during Saturdays Race and even got a sunburn on my Nose.
The Race itself was very Porsche and Audi dominated as the local AMG Teams were in Italy getting punctures in the Rain.. ( Yes sunburn on the Ring and Rain in Monza) and the various BMW Junior Team ( Augusto Farfus pupils vs Jörg Müller kids) are still learning from their Professors..
Birthdayboy Nikki Thiim had a nice all race fight with how he said " Mr. Quattro Stippler" and I guess Frank let him have that Podium place behind the 2 Porsche.. Manthey Racing won with "Bonjour je te passes sur le gazon" Kevin Estre. with 3 Ladies on the Pitwall managing their Drivers. Grello Power ?
In total i just enjoyed the whole Weekend massively and even found some new Spots.


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