73rd 24 Hours of Spa 2021


The 73rd edition of the 24 Hours of Spa have ended.. and after so many of the last 24 hours Raced we attended had lenghtly Red flagged moments due to Rain and fog... we actually raced 24 Hours. The only worry was right in the first 10 minutes when a major crash occured that reminded us of the danger of Racing. Luckily all 4 parties involved didn't sustain life-threatening injuries and we could go back to racing after the impressive cleanup by the Spa-Francorchamps crew.
From then on it was full out racing... oh no wait.. right after the Safety car re-released the pack.. it started to Rain. Like the Director of a Movie that just says Action and many people sprinted into the Pits to get Wet tyres.
But a little Nordschleife feeling came about as it was only temporary and local Rain and thus the field was shuffled around before the choice of tyres was slicks for the rest of the Race... or was it ?
After a long night that left many Favorites out of the Race with mostly technical failures, at dawn we had the blistering fast #88 battling it with the Iron lynx #51.. and if the #63 had properly configured their pit speed limiter it could have been there.. 2 Drive-throughs that cost minutes not seconds probably cost them the victory.
All from the back of the Field due to a FUBAR qualifying the #32 WRT came close and closer, battled it out and what was first thought of a Genius move dove as first into the pits 1 hour before the chequered flag to get wets... 30 seconds before the Deluge hit the Track.. Thick Raindrops covered the Track and caused the then Leading Ferrari to finish the lap on Slicks to get wets..
If there hadn't been a FCY and Safety Car this would have been the Victory for the WRT audi, but alas.. the superbe tactical advantage was gone... and with the Audi having used up his Rubber on the until then dry parts of the Track.. the subsequent full rain laps left Dries Vanthoor with less grip than the later pitted Ferrari. another Stop would have been doable without the Safety Car, but this way the Audi fought with a dull knife and the Iron Lynx Stallion passed them only 10 minutes before the end of the Race.

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