24 Hours of the Nürburgring 2020 - the Race Album


The ADAC made it ! They realized the almost impossible and let us experience a 24 Hour Race in these Covidious Times. It wasn't easy for them nor the participants but everything worked out and we could run a relatively normal 24 Hours... if by relatively normal 24 hours you mean that the Eifelwetter ruined the night from Saturday to Sunday. The Storm that devastated parts of the Belgian Coastline also hit the Eifel track with Buckets and Buckets of Water and the Red Flag came out in the late Evening. Unfortunately this came too late for the #4 HRT AMG that dominated the Event since the Top 30 Superpole. The 2016 Winners (+ Luca Stolz -Bernd Schneider) lost the Car as they used the "light" wets that Michelin provided in addition to the Full Wets. With the other top AMG also crashed the road was open for the Audi's. They took the Lead 1-2-3 and then keept it through the "intermission" for the Restart. But alas, the same thing that happened to the dominating AMG's happened to the Audis... the Rain ruined the Race for some of them .. Speeding penalties for others..Only Christopher Haase could have would have should have been in contention for the Win with the faultless driving BMW's.. he managed to get ahead of the #42.. but the ROWE guys with their superior Litre-counting ability won by 15+ seconds over the Audi... 15 seconds that were lost in the Splash & Dash when Audi re-fueled for a lap too much... I had to decide how much fuel to refill so often in my time with BF.. I feel very very sorry for the guy who called it wrong, mistakes do happen... but the Team with 0 Mistakes won.. as it should be. We are all looking forward to the next year though when the Track is filled with Beer, BBQ and Boom-boxes ? See you then and there

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