24 Hours of Nürburgring 2019

the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring are History. What a Weekend. I have never seen so many People right from the Start of the Event on Wednesday. The Campsites were packed, the Roads were constantly filled with Cars. and the Paddock had Fans roaming around at 4 am.. usually it is the super quiet time. And what a spectacle it was. So many Favorites lost their Grip to various causes, or touched parts of other Contenders and catapulted themselves to a DNF. I am still missing big parts of the Race action as i was extremely busy, but there are 2 great Stories this 24H. For once, the Phoenix Team and their Stellar Victory, proviong that a VLN experienced Team, with calm and smooth driving when everybody else is blasting like a 1 hour Sprint is a good way. All of us 1VIER peeps are happy when a Customer wins of course, but when it is done is such a Faultless way it makes us extra joyous.The second cool story is also aCustomer of us.. the Japanese Kondo Team. These guys never did a 24 hour race, got the support from MCCHIP for the local organisation, but then took over the whole Race with an amazing Result. 10th overall, best Japanese Car, Team, Drivers.. no major issues. This is just amazing, to come here at the Ring and finish is hard enough, but being this high overall proves they have the quality to beat any other Team. I highly hope they will be back and get their podium in the following Years. Here are some Impressions from the Race :

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