24h Nürburgring 2022

24 Hours 2022 of the Nürburgring.. done and dusted !
Sore, tired but awake at work on a Monday morning after having spend 5 Days at the Nürburgring it is time to reflect on the first Race without a lenghtly Red Flag Session.
The Fans were back, and they did come in Swarms. while it was still relatively empty on Wednesday and there were some space even at Adenauer Forst and Hatzenbach, by the time we hit Raceday we were at capacity. Roads around the ring clogged up and the Camping grounds were tight.
But the ambiance of the Eifelmarathon is special. 1VIER invited the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit Racecontrol to join the 24 Hours here and their Feedback was " I have seen Le mans, i have seen Spa many times..YES ... but the ambiance and fans during the Night Qualification at the Nürburgring: TRIPLE YES ! "
On Friday we finally had the Top Shoot-out for which the Teams participated in 3 qualifying sessions, and of course the Qualifiers Races. And after 3 Mathematics Professors gave us the remaining 20 Cars that could run the Time-attack for the Pole we saw the Ferrari of Octane126 on Pole.
As for the Race....
The first3-4 hours were riddled with unnecessary harshness and crashes, resulting in many retiring Top-Contenders.. and it is not as if we didn't predict this.. it is mindboggling that Teams still feel forced to do that . especially as the winning Phoenix Car .. didn't even qualify for the Top 20 and was merely swimming along most of the time.
On a personal note i had high hopes for BMW as they showed their Real capabilities in the VLN and qualifiers already but once we start the 24 hours some others did catch up. *magic* ! ?
Unfortunately the technical situation for us was appaling and thus we couldn't follow the Race in the 30 hours of hard and intense Work. We had no internet access on most parts of the Track, receiving messages too late or later than hoped. uploading Imagery directly from the Track for customers was impossible, so we had to drive back to our makeshift Press-centre ( thanks to Hotel am Tiergarten ! !!), sometimes 17+km to get things done. I really miss the Vodafone Live-Stream as then reception was good and fans could watch the livestream on their phones and i-pads and we could send out stuff on-the-go.
Once the night was done, the Field was light and the Weather was frisky... but the Race was going on, most Cars had some kind of injuries, scratches and about 2 Kilograms of Duct-tape.. i feel this shows the true endurance Race-Cars.. they are prettier that way :)
one big shout out to the Brünnchen Fans that followed my Waving and made the nice Crowd Picture with me..
As for the Result and the Race itself... i have to wait like all of you to watch the Re-Live.. .. so here are my personal Top-shots that will stay in my memory forever ..

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