24H  Nürburgring 2024

We all knew that the weather was going to be dodgy. In the days and weeks before the 24 Race, it was raining pretty heavily so all the prairies and camp sides were already quite muddy. But alas, the humidity during the night to Sunday ruined even more than shoes, clothes, and campervans. From Wednesday to Saturday the fog in the morning went to wear quite quickly but then on Saturday night … well it was a different beast. 

As for the Racing, it was great. The BMW Junior team showed everything they learned in the last years living at the Nürburgring. I still believe that if the race went full distance, they would’ve prevailed and one outright. Everybody is happy for Stippi, The young man who lives like 15 minutes away. 

Some crashes were really some crashes just made my heart stop especially when you have friends driving. 

All in all I can say that the today’s leading up to Saturday and Saturday itself were just great and the racing was awesome. 

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