ADAC Total 24h NBR 2019

The Qualification Race is done, now we wait for the Real Deal in 4,5 Weeks. While we have 3 BMW's on the Podium the utter Speed of the Manthey Porsches in the Wet was impressive throughout the Weekend, and the common use of "Please don't BOP my car" Tactics has to be considered.

The worst part of the Weekend for me was clearly the loss of the AMG top running car #2 when Manuel Metzger slipped in the sudden torrential Rain alongside the 911.. and then #16 of Getspeed crashed into the standing car, missing the Porsche but hitting the back of the Bronze Beast.

Manuel escaped relatively unscathed, but Dominik suffered a broken shoulder. Seen as the Rain deluge happened at the approach to the Steilstrecke, it is a statement of the studity of the Cars.

On the Audi side one has to say that Marcel Fässler was just breathtaking to watch, what he did with the Phoenix serviced Works-Car showed his extraordinary Driving Skills. and if the Rain will be on the Menu for the 24 Hours.. then Tyres will play a huge role.. as they did this Weekend. here are some Impressions i brought along

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