DTM Nürburgring 2017

I haven't been to the DTM in Years. In the 80ies and early 90ies we went to the DTM religiously every Year and to every Race we could. It was a Day at the Races like many at that time. We didn't know we witnessed the golden Era of Touringcar Motorsport.
Maybe we will look back in 20 Years when we watch the "DTMe" with electrical power units inside the wheels and drivers with a Joystick and reminiscence about the current DTM.
The Stands were packed.. Lots of Fathers and their sons. The Cars may have changed but the Father/Son Combo hasn't. The Public is awesome. You would have thought that they come a quick Fix and weren't prepared, but the peope i talked to in the Stands are very well informed, die-hard DTM Fans and even though it Rained heavily for 2 days were enjoying themselves.
I can day that I had a wonderful Time and to all Critics of the DTM and it's format i say.. go and see for yourself.. maybe you come home with a Smile.. I sure did.. and i will watch the Races re-Live tonight on the DTM youtube Channel with my buddy Alex commentating :p


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